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Flooring Installation Services

Euro Floors London offers both Wood Floor Installation Services, Supply and Refurbishing by sanding and sealing.

We are proficient in what we do and can handle installations of solid wood floors, engineered oak flooring as well as laminates or vinyl flooring.

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    This is the best value for the amount spent. We will help you choose the floor, organise delivery and take ownership of the installation process.

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    Flooring Supply Only

    We will help you choose the right floor for your project and oversee the delivery of the goods.

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    Flooring Installation Service

    We can provide you with Expert fitters to achieve a High Quality Installation.

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    Flooring Sand and Seal

    Refresh or change the looks of your current wood floor entirely.

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    Share your Project Details With Us

    Either share a floor plan or provide us with rough measurements of your areas and we will be able to issue a rough quote against that.

    In order for us to quote more accurately, we will need to do a home Survey.

    The person carrying out the survey will be able to take a note on all details such as: sizes involved, accessories required, subflooring preparation needs (if any).

    As long as the property/location needing surveying is within London or surrounding counties, the survey is Free of charge.

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    Benefits of working with us

    As a leader among flooring stores, we always go the extra distance to make our clients’ lives easier. This includes providing them with free samples.

    It can be very difficult to browse an online flooring store and imagine how the products will sit in your own space, therefor feel free to ask about samples and visit any of Euro Floors London's showrooms to get a taste of how our products look and feel.

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    Floor Installation Methods

    A few notes on various installation methods applicable to wooden floors

    Floating  Installation

    A floating installation, you could say it's one of the most straightforward ways to lay down a floor. It works great for engineered oak floors, laminates and some vinyls alike.

    The floating installation implies that there should be an underlay that is put down first and the floor stays on top of that directly.

    In the case of floating installations, the planks are not fully glued or nailed on top of the underlay.

    The planks are locked between eachother either via a click system plank lock or in some cases, if the product is T&G (tongue and groove) , this plank interlocking requires being glued.

    Glue-down Installation

    When a glue-down floor installation is performed, then the entire floor plank is being glued to the subfloor.

    The adhesive used for a glue-down installation might vary a bit. It depends on what the subfloor will be such as concrete, wooden base or a screed.

    As wood is a natural product, in most cases you will come accross a "flexi" or "flexible" adhesive that will allow the floor to expand and contract a bit along the seasons.

    Where underfloor heating is present, you would tipycally go for a high-heat or heat-resistant adhesive, that will not incur damage on the long run and after being exposed to high heat conditions.

    Nail-down / Hidden Nails Installation

    A nail-down floor installation practice usually applies to solid timber floors and to various parquets such as herringbones or chevrons.

    It is worth mentioning that in order to install floors this way, you will need a wooden subfloor.

    Solid wood planks can be nailed directly on top of the joists where needed, however the floor planks need to be laid accross the direction of the joists.

    In case of small sized parquet planks or strips, you can perform a hidden nail installation as long as you have a hardwood subfloor such as a WBP Plywood.

    Acoustic Installation

    Should the project have strict requirements for acoustic soundproofing, we can supply and install specialised acoustic subfloors and underlays.

    The acoustic requirement usually gets stricter when it comes to new builds or flats.

    The high soundproofing level is usually achieved by a carefully selected underlay with a proper subfloor preparation.

    When strict acoustic requireents come into play, you should know that the whole subfloor preparation and floor underlay installation can get a bit tedious. It does not represent an issue for us at Euro Floors London, but be aware that the whole subfloor plus underlay setup can raise a bit the floor level and will require extensive works.

    Mixed Installation

    In several cases installation methods can be mixed.

    One example being when installing herringbone or other parquets. With small strip parquets the advised installation method being to glue-down the floor. Additionally , should you also have a hardwood subfloor you can also mix the glue-down installation with the nailing method, to achieve a more sturdy floor.

    Another scenario is to mix a floating installation with a glue-down or nail-down installation. Whenever wooden floors go into huge open areas and the floor is to be installed floating all around then you can mix in other install methods. It is usually recommended that once every good few rows installed floating, to secure the next 1-3 rows via nailing or glueing instead, this way achieving a more sturdy planks locking in the entire area.

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